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Welcome to Freedom Fashion, an extraordinary project initiated by ‘Mis Anuradha Das, founder of My Precious Life, our visionary parent company and hosted by Belle Events, Gurgaon and GMDR foundation Kerala where fashion takes center stage, and compassion ignites change. With a unique theme each year, we unite style and purpose to shine a spotlight on vital societal issues. In 2022, under the project ‘Freedom Fashion’ we proudly presented ‘Aazadi Fashion Event” with a heartfelt theme of “Suicide Prevention, touching lives and inspiring hope and in 2023, we came back with even greater determination as we presented ‘LIT – Live in Triumph” with the empowering theme of “Domestic Violence”. In 2024, Freedom Fashion presents “LIT – Live in Triumph,” the latest edition of its impactful fashion event series. This year, the event aims to shed light on the often overlooked but critical issue of depression, emphasizing its impact on individuals and society as a whole.

The theme for LIT 2024 is “Unmasking Depression,” symbolizing the need to unveil the true nature of depression, destigmatize it, and encourage open conversations about mental health. Through fashion, art, and storytelling, the event aims to offer a deeper understanding of depression and its effects on people’s lives.


To use the power of fashion and glamour as a platform to address critical societal issues, raise awareness, and foster positive change. We aim to empower individuals, inspire compassion, and create a safe space for open dialogue, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.


Our vision is to become a renowned global platform where fashion transcends beyond the runway, becoming a catalyst for social transformation. By consistently organizing events that spotlight important causes, we aspire to create a world where every individual feels empowered, valued, and supported, regardless of their circumstances. FREEDOM FASHION envisions a future where compassion, inclusivity, and empathy pave the way for a brighter and more compassionate society.

the visionary

Anuradha Das, a visionary leader and a force of inspiration, stands tall as the founder of Belle Events, My Precious Life, and Rising Eagle Production. A multi-faceted personality, she has woven her talents as an author(For books) , producer(IMDB), entrepreneur, coach, motivational speaker, and counselor for almost to decants  into a tapestry of profound impact. With a heart full of compassion and a keen understanding of the human spirit, Anuradha embarked on a mission to heal the society and address the crucial subjects of life that are often overlooked. Her journey began with the founding of My Precious Life, where she passionately guides people of all ages, empowering them to overcome life’s challenges with personal counseling and transformative workshops for individuals and corporates. As the mind behind FREEDOM FASHION, Anuradha brilliantly fuses the world of fashion with meaningful causes. With each event, she aspires to make a difference, touching lives and hearts with themes that speak to the core of human experiences. Her dedication to uplifting the human spirit and creating positive change through glamorous platforms has earned her immense recognition and respect. Anuradha’s ability to motivate and inspire extends beyond the stage, reaching the hearts of countless individuals across the globe. Her profound insights and empowering words of wisdom have touched the lives of many, lighting a path of hope and transformation for those in need. With her boundless creativity, unwavering determination, and heartwarming presence, Anuradha Das is a beacon of light, guiding others towards a world of possibilities and a brighter, more compassionate future. Her tireless efforts in bringing joy and hope to others exemplify her as an extraordinary soul, leaving an indelible mark on every life she touches.
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